About Us

Why We Exist

We want our clients to be more competitive and profitable by enabling them to retain and grow their client relationships.

Who We Are

We are a MarTech company that provide real-time business intelligence to the communications industry

What We Do

We predict the future of client/agency relationships. Our algorithm is based on collecting client and employee feedback.

What We Believe


We believe in the service profit chain

Engaged employees leads to engaged clients that leads to better profitability – and in that order.


Listen, learn and act is our tagline

We have to help each other to live that tagline every day, because now and then, even the best can slip.


Be transparent and personal

If you truly share a piece of yourself, others will gain a new perspective. And then they will share a piece of themselves and you will gain a new perspective.



We all have different capabilities, experiences and motivations. To succeed we need to listen to each other, learn from each other and act together.


Being the best and being at ease do not coexist

We want to be the best when we commit to doing something.


Our clients don’t use Lift Relations because they care about us

They use Lift Relations because they care about their clients.


You don’t work for us. You work with us

Salary levels are shared openly, you decide your own vacation time, you create your own job title and you take responsibility for your own deliveries in line with the company’s objectives.


We don’t create insights to make money

We make money to build better insights.


We were not created to send out surveys.

We were created to make relationships more transparent, efficient and effective enabling our clients to be more successful and profitable.


If we don’t kill a piece of Lift Relations every day, someone else will

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