Real-Time Predictive Dashboards

The dashboards present output in a clear actionable manner, enabling you to take more informed actions quickly.

Instant Alert System

We provide an instant alert system beneficial for you when a participant has shared a low engagement score.

Our platform sends a direct link with the insights behind the low engagement score, accessible from any device, enabling you to be informed and act faster.

Customizable Tags

We provide implementation of your desired tags, enabling you to filter data and insights more in line with your required output.

Connected Client and HR Insights

We connect client and HR ratings to create more informed predictions about the development of the relationships

Studies show that high client engagement and high employee engagement directly affects profitability of the client relationship.

If you measure both client and employee engagement through our platform, we provide a single chart where you can view the connectivity between clients and employees working for those clients.

We are currently unique in providing this feature bringing client insights and HR insights into one chart making it easy for leaders to know where to act immediately - be it internally or externally.

Evaluation Reports The Way You Want Them

Generate customized evaluation reports based on

If you need offline reporting for your client evaluations, our platform provide the opportunity to create dynamic evaluation reports based on your needs.

You can select what part of the evaluation insights to include in the report. Gone are the days of copy/paste reports.

We provide HTML as well as PDF reports.

Evaluations Made Easy

Pre-defined Evaluation Templates

To get you quickly started collecting feedback, we have included two pre-defined templates in both client and HR evaluations: Health Check and Pulse Check.

Additionally, you can also create your own templates, for usage over time.

2-Click Evaluation Send-Out

We know that users want to be able to send-out evaluations without any hassle, so we created the easiest evaluation builder possible.

Once evaluation templates have been defined the process of sending out an evaluation is simply through a 2-click evaluation send-out process.

Grab Links and Share

We provide an opportunity to grab links and send directly to participants through your own e-mail system, whilst feedback data still drips into the right dashboards.

Devices & Languages

For Everyone, Everywhere

No matter where you are or what device you’re using, our platform has been built to work for everyone.

Device Agnostic

Our evaluation platform is built as responsive design. This means participants can share ratings and comments with ease from any device they desire.

Multiple Languages

Our platform supports sending out evaluations in multiple languages. Making evaluations available in the local language, increases the response rate – and eliminates the barrier of having to answer in a foreign language.

Security and Permission

Your Data Is Safe With Us

Stability and Secure Connections

Your data is yours and we aim to keep it this way. We've invested heavily into ensuring maximum up-time and safety of your records.

We employ secure connections, where information is encrypted.

Scheduled Multiple Backups

All data is backed up in real time to a separate servers that we can switch to in case the main one has a problem. We then do nightly backups of the entire database.

We encrypt these nightly backups and send them to a secure location on another continent to be extra safe.

Individualized Permissions

You can setup role based permissions across your organization. This gives you full control of which users that are granted access to your data.

Want To Know More?

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