Making client predictions more effective

When it comes to developing features, our philosophy is simple: only build features that enable better client predictions.

We believe that you can’t control clients, but you can control the actions that leads to happier clients.

Client churn risk

Each of your client relationships in the Lift platform will have a client churn risk percentage. An easy way to interpret the tangible risk associated with losing a client.

Real-time insights

Clear visual interface that prompts you to take action and stay ahead on all client relationships in real-time.

Real-time consulting

Based on answering pattern, benchmark data and industry expert advice, we provide real-time consulting in the platform on how to act on any given client situation. Gone are the days of guessing how to act or waiting for a consultant to turn up with their personal opinions.

Financial risk

By applying a financial value per client relationship paired with the client churn risk the financial risk is calculated in real-time. Per client relationship and across your organization.

Alert system

We have built a permission based e-mail alert that is send when a client or team member shares their feedback. The e-mails are sent instantly as well as a weekly overview.

Role based permissions

Not everyone in your organization should see everything. Focus should be on where their responsibilities lie. At Lift, we have built permission based dashboards suited to you and everyone in your organization making the platform more intuitive, focused and action oriented.

Adaptive surveys

Based on answering pattern, Lift tracks client and team member engagement from 2 to 4 times a year. All adaptive and automated.

Weighted scores

At Lift provide weighted scores in real-time based on response rate and answering pattern making the insights and predictions more real and relevant.

Non-anonymous insights

The client and team feedback is attributed per individual enabling you to act faster and better.

Device agnostic

The Lift platform is responsive design and can be used on any device. Both for people within your organization reading insights as well as for clients and team members that participate in surveys.


Participation for a client or team member can happen in the language they desire. A participant selects their primary language first time they participate and the platform remembers this going forward. 

Customizable tags

We provide core tags for relevant filtering but you can naturally also apply your own custom tags to the insights.

Slice’n’dice dashboards

Create your own dahsboards by filtering data as you like and export to create your own reports.

Grab links and share

If needed, then grab survey links and send directly to participants through your own e-mail system, whilst feedback data still drips into the Lift dashboards.

“Lift is simple, flexible and visual which makes reviewing results quick and easy across our complex organization”

Scott Downs


“I am already wondering how I did my job without this amazing tool! It’s awesome and it’s going to be game changing for us in the future.”

Nick Propper


“At the NoA family we have implemented Lift across the whole group. This has enabled us to have better conversations with our clients and amongst ourselves. Besides great insights brought to life, Lift is simple, intuitive and actionable.”

Thomas Høgebøl


Ready to make your client retention easier?

Ready to make your client retention easier?