Challenge and Objectives

The Leadership Pain

(reviewing 2014):

Client relationship churn across offices too high (24%)

Employee churn across offices too high on Tier 1 employees (21%)

Two multi-office clients into review for ”no reason”

The Existing Practice

(reviewing 2014):

1:1 interview with senior
top 20% client relations

Ad hoc client driven feedback

Consistent annual employee feedback.
55 questions completed anonymously.

New Leadership Objectives

(for 2015):

Retain 80% of client base
(vs. 76% previous year)

Retain 90% of Tier 1 employees
(vs. 79% previous year)

Grow existing client base by 15%
in revenue (vs. previous year 0%)


A Collaborative Approach Towards Change

What the Client Did


Strong internal leadership communication on the importance of the new objectives


Commitment to fully owning client feedback. Being proactive rather than reactive.


Implementing consistent and transparent client and employee feedback in 7 pilot offices along with purposeful communications to clients and employees


Dedicating internal resources to deal with risky clients (Team Red)

What We Did


Agree with senior leadership on customized client and employee tags

Train and onboard each of the 7 pilot offices

Setup alerts to global leadership team, global head of Talent, CXO’s and CSD’s in each market


Quarterly Client Health checks (10 questions) including all clients in each office

Quarterly HR Health Checks (10 questions) including all employees in each office

Ad hoc support to global team and offices


Reactions to Achieved Results

“Our clients loved the new proactive approach. At first they thought they shared feedback into the abyss, but when we shared their aggregated company feedback as well as their individual feedback on the next client meeting they were in awe.

But they were even more in awe when we then also presented our suggested changes based on their feedback”

“The Lift tool enabled us to simply get wider and deeper insights from our clients on what they thought of us as an agency partner. Insights we would never had obtained with our past proceedings”

“Surprisingly junior people at client side have a bigger influence than we initially thought. We now literally experience how senior clients are influenced by junior people especially when we are not up to par on deliveries.

This has fundamentally changed our focus on how to view a client relationship thanks to Lift Relations”

“The transparency part was a real eye opener. It was tough at times because we didn’t have the best reputation for being an open culture
at the various offices.

But it was needed for us to ensure
our talent mass felt heard throughout
the year on an individual basis”

“I think the game changer has been that each individual now knows that the leadership will take their opinions seriously.

This has given much more concrete
employee feedback as well as the
requirement for leaders to act responsibly
– and individually.”

“I really feel we have a new culture at
our agency. The attributed employee
feedback forms combined with mature leadership is the reason for this.

We have changed completely from guessing
to knowing who said what, and it’s being handled really nicely at the agency.”

of client base retained

Objective: 80%

vs. previous year 76%

of Tier 1 employees retained

Objective: 90%

vs. previous year 79%

revenue growth on existing client base

Objective: 15%

vs. previous year 0%


  • Zero multi-office clients into review
  • Client engagement improved YOY 18% across offices
  • Employee engagement improved YOY 24% across offices


Building Stronger Relations

The client has committed 2016 + 2017 to rolling out the project to all other offices in the network

The client has instituted a KPI structure per office on client and employee engagement scores

Employee Pulse Checks (2 questions monthly) has been introduced and added to Health Checks at specific offices

The client has created a “Team Green” to focus on how to replicate success and grow client relations

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