What is the value of retaining a client?

What is the value of retaining a client?

Our prices vary from USD 800 to USD 1.500 per client relationship per year dependent on how many clients you include.
This pricing makes some of our clients say that Lift provide a return on investment (ROI) of up to 1.000. However across clients we provide a ROI between 5-25.

Price Per Year

Clients up toPrice USD


USD 15.000

(USD 1.500/Client)


USD 25.000

(USD 1.250/Client)


USD 45.000

(USD 1.125/Client)


USD 75.000

(USD 1.000/Client)


USD 95.000

(USD 950/Client)


USD 130.000

(USD 867/Client)


USD 160.000

(USD 800/Client)



What is included per year

1 x Champion training on purpose and how to implement throughout organization

1 x Project leader training on purpose and how to work in the platform

Lift Customer Success Manager driving the process throughout your organization

All current and future platform features

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Frequently asked questions

When will I see the first insights?

Insights appear instantly once a participant has answered a survey. When there is sufficient amount of data the churn risk probability will appear. Over time the results will be enriched by progression too.

Can you explain exactly how you calculate the Risk?

The foundation of the Risk calculation is client and team feedback. Our AI calculates the Risk based on scores, millions of empiric data points, semantic analysis of comments, response time, the answering pattern, the amount of reminders, non-responders and time of day of the answer has been submitted.

Do I have to ask all my clients?

The platform is fully scalable and as such you can start with the minimum package (up to 10 clients) and increase the package over time if needed.

Is the Lift system only to be used towards my retainer clients?

No. The system works towards retainer clients, project clients and ad hoc clients. Whilst retainer clients are the natural clients to measure upon, project and ad hoc clients are a great opportunity to assess too and see whether they can be switched to become a more secure retainer client.

value of retaining a client

“I must say working with the Lift platform to take the pulse of our client relations is a fantastic experience. It’s quick to set up, easy to customize and user friendly, so all in all a great experience for the 50+ offices where we deployed it. Plus the Lift team is dependable, helpful, responsive and nice. Guys, you are 5 stars.”

Oscar Prats


“The Lift platform is an unparalleled predictor of client development.
Connecting client and employee engagement into a client predictor is the secret sauce and an amazing way to fully understand any problems in the client relationship before it’s too late to handle.
The platform is intuitive and actionable which has been instrumental in us implementing Lift throughout our organization successfully.”

Dianne Wilkins


“At BBH we use the Lift platform to help track client relationships across our portfolio of brands. Lift enables us to gain regular and consistently measured insights on how we can improve interactions with client teams, as well as provide in depth feedback on specific individuals.”

Annicka Locket

Creative Services Director, BARTLE BOGLE HEGARTY

Ready to make your client retention easier?

Ready to make your client retention easier?

Ready to make your client retention easier?

Ready to make your client retention easier?