User agreement

By entering the Lift platform, you approve, that you will only use the data as intended by the person or company who initiated the access to the data. Unless otherwise agreed, you are not entitled to pass on your log-in information to others or to delete, change or disclose any data.

By typing in information in the Lift platform, you explicitly approve that the person or company who initiated the data collection is entitled to store, process and control all information in accordance with the applicable rules on processing of personal data. The Lift platform is processing the information in accordance with the instructions of the initiator and do not control the data.

It is our experience that transparency enables faster and better actions. Thus, please be aware that data and evaluations are not stored anonymously and information such as name, e-mail address etc. will be available for the initiator.

Please contact initiator for further information about how personal data is stored and processed.

Our rating scale is 1-10. 1 = Worst. 10 = Best.

Our rating scale is color coded to guide participants.

Our platform sends reminder emails to participants that hasn’t either commenced or completed their evaluations.

The evaluation can be completed on a mobile, tablet and desktop device.

You can leave an evaluation at any time and access it again later – your answers will be saved throughout.

Please share scores and comments to each question as it will create a higher degree of transparency between the parties and enhance the opportunity to improve the working relationship.

Each evaluation link is personal, so please don’t share with others.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support.